About Ultranerds

Ultranerds was founded back in 2002. After leaving college, Andy decided he wanted to get into website design. At the time, this was a very fledgling business area to get into. While people "knew about" the Internet, very few had an online presence.

There wasn't a massive amount of University or college training around at the time, so pretty much everything learned has been from online tutorials, books, trial-and-error, and writing free scripts/templates for others, to hone my skills.

Fast forward 20-odd years, and I've now worked with hundreds of clients. Varying from basic tweaks to their existing websites, SEO (search engine optimisation), or whole CMS (content management systems) written from the ground up. Having built up a large set of skills over the years, Andy is confident building most things for customers. Working with companies with just one person, up to huge businesses with tens of millions of page views a month.

Please get in contact with me to discuss your projects (or potential project).

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