From the start to completition we can help at every step

Having been in the web-design business for over 20 years, we can pass on our expertise in multiple programming languages, design, skills, services, and even managed hosting

We are so pleased with Ultranerds and all the work they have done for us with our website, along with all of our technical requirements concerning our website and advertising; they have saved me a lot of time when it comes to sorting issues that have arisen along the way, in fact, I don’t quite know what i would do if I didn’t have them to hand to resolve all our issues. Our website was improved dramatically, and through this we have gained a lot of new customers.  I would highly recommend Ultranerds.

Andy has been the long-term webmaster for since 2009. He has been instrumental over the years in increasing revenue and traffic to the website. Always quick to respond and meticulous in his work.

Some of the services we offer...

Below are some of the services we offer. If you don't see something, or just have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us

Website Design

Andrew Newby, the founder of Ultranerds, started web development back in the early 2000's - right out of collage!  Having honed his skills over the years in multiple disciplines. Including, but not limited to:

HTML / CSS / SCSS developement

HTML & CSS is the underlying programming behind modern web design.


​ Javascript adds interactivity to websites. Versed in jQuery (a library), Vanilla (plain) Javascript, and requireJS (a clever modular system that lets you load just the bits you want to use when you want). With these tools, we can build interactive systems for your site, no matter how simple or complex.


If you want to build any kind of application these days, you want to use mySQL/MariaDB. These are fast database systems that can handle a lot of traffic. I've been using mySQL in my bigger projects for many years

Website Hosting

Hosting is an important part of any website. Its amazing how many people go for the dirt cheap packages and then wonder why their site suffers (being slow and having bad search rankings). We host all our sites on Linode. This is a cloud-based hosting provider, who over the last 10 years, we have found very good!

Basic hosting on one of our existing servers

If you want just basic hosting, then this can be provided for you on one of our own servers currently setup. It can be up and running in virtually no time!

Dedicated Server

If you would prefer a full dedicated server, we can build and manage these for you. You can specify the spec you want (from £30/month server, all the way to several hundred a month for the top end!). Having built many servers in the past, the process is streamlined and can be up and running in a day or 2.