Examples of our work

Below are a few examples of past projects :

Steampunk Junkies - Marketplace

This is a personal project that I've worked on for the last 2 years. It is a full blown marketplace, where people can buy and sell their own items.

It has a full backend system for "sellers", and a simple to use cart system for the buyers.

Recently I have also integrated it into Etsy.com, so that sellers there can make use of our site as well.

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Steampunk Junkies - Business page

After the success of some of our products, we ended up creating a homepage purely for our own stock. Its fully responsive, and includes nice features such as HTML5 videos.

The whole site works in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian (you can change the language via the top right dropdown)

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Chambres D'Hotes

We have been working on this site with the owner for many years.

We started off doing little bits and pieces, but have since re-designed and re-written the whole site. This includes SEO, the site design, backend programming, mobile phone versions of the site, mobile apps, and general bug fixing

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Athertons Ltd

A simple design was asked for here, that would also work well with mobile phone users. A vast majority of people now look up companies on a mobile device, so its imperative to get it working perfectly on mobiles as well.

We started off with a basic design, and then after feedback and changes, we ended up with the current design.

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KRW Training

This is one of our older designs that we did. It's nice and simple, and easy to navigate. The owner wanted something that could be updated (when new courses became available, for example), but still look nice. This was done before "responsive mobile" designs were the norm, thus it doesn't respond well to smaller screens (not everyone wants that feature)

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Aurora Fireworks

This site we did from the ground up. The owner wasn't happy with their current design, and wanted something that would stand out. Its fully responsive, and works well on smaller screen sizes (such as mobiles).

We also added in a custom catalog system, so they could add in their own items (pictures, prices, descriptions). This mean't we did not need to get called every time they wanted to add a new product.

We also set up WordPress (a blog system), and linked it into the overall site design.

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This site was created from scratch. They already had a clear idea of the design they wanted (as an image), so we realised that for them.

As Google now likes a mobile version of the site as well, we also created a unique mobile/tablet version of the site as well (very simple, with information and a few images)

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Steampunk Daily

This was a fun little project. As part of our Social Media presence, we built an admin system where we could store thousands of images, along with titles, links, and descriptions. We then have a system that lets us post it across all our social media platforms in one go.

With all this data, we thought it would be nice to create an app, for people to use on their phones and tablets.

When you first load it, you are asked to select a few categories you are interested in. It will then hand pick a mixture of images for you based on your selection. Each day, 10 new images are picked (and you get notified via a "Push Notification" if you have enabled it)

Android / iOS

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